The Ultimate Guide to Natural SPF

The Ultimate Guide to Natural SPF
Finding a sunscreen that you love should be at the top of your beauty list. SPF is an essential for protecting your skin from skin cancer as well as premature ageing, and we daresay is the most important product in any beauty routine. Most people believe that natural or physical sunscreens are greasy, will leave a white cast and don't have the features of mainstream chemical based sunscreens that many are accustomed to. Here at Maruko, we truly believe that natural beauty doesn't have to be a compromise and that is why we have personally tried and tested a LOT of products, and have curated a collection of the best performing natural sunscreens.
Before we share our fav's, you may want a rundown on the differences between physical and chemical sunscreens, and why we choose to exclusively stock zinc-oxide based SPF's, we have written about it previously on the Maruko Beauty Journal here
The newest member of the Maruko Beauty Fam, this SPF 50 is truly non-greasy, non-chalky, reef safe and vegan. Packaged in recyclable lightweight aluminium making it one of the only plastic free SPF's on the market, it also contains ACO Certified Kakadu Plum, one of nature's highest sources of Vitamin C. Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C can protect the skin from photodamage caused by ultraviolet rays and can boost the efficacy of sunscreen. Moreover, the addition of Kakadu Plum means your skin is left feeling soft and luminous, no greasy post-SPF use breakouts here!!

Recommended for:
Have a love for skincare and suncare? Then this is the SPF for you, the Vitamin C in the form of Kakadu Plum is a gamechanger. Those who are after an SPF 50 option will also love it. Perfect for a day at the beach in the harsh Aussie summer sun.
“It feels so luxurious, like body-butter. It’s even better than I expected I love it.” - Jess, Byron Bay 


This BB Cream is for those who want a bit of coverage alongside their SPF. This SPF 30 Suntegrity bestseller comes in 4 shades, and rubs in leaving a sheer, dewy finish with light coverage. A great everyday item! Also contains superstar ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, red algae and Certified Organic: aloe vera, jojoba, sunflower, pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea help rejuvenate, moisturise and hydrate the skin. 
Recommended for:
Time-poor? Do you want everything in one product? This is the choice for you! The light tinted coverage is great for an everyday glow.

Suntegrity Impeccable Skin is a CC Cream that provides a bit more coverage than the 5 in 1 BB Cream. This multi-tasking product provides medium coverage with a satin-matte finish which leaves skin looking luminous. The addition of Vitamin C, VitaminE & Peptides means this is truly beauty boosting skincare, suncare & makeup in one!
Recommended for:
Again, this is the perfect product for those who want a bit of everything in one, but are after a bit more coverage for blemishes, or signs of sleep-deprivation.
"I really love how the foundation makes my skin feel and look. It's a light cream that looks natural feels great on my skin. I don't have the urge to run and wash my face right after work due to products feeling tacky or heavy anymore!" - Nicole, Verified Review

4. Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream Tinted

We talk a lot about our love for Josh Rosebrook and the Nutrient Day Cream Tinted epitomises his craftiness and ability to bring science into skincare with amazing results. This truly feels like a light moisturiser, with the added bonus of SPF 30. The tint is a universal shade that blends into all skin tones, preventing any white cast and providing a luminous glow. Packed with nutrients and in-house grown herbs to regenerate and repair skin, this luxe SPF will leave you wanting more!
Recommended for:
  Not using enough SPF because you don't like how it feels on your skin? This product is perfect for you! An easy addition to any morning routine, it can also be used as a primer before adding makeup.  


Not just a pretty bottle, Mother SPF Natural Physical Sunscreen is a hydrating everyday all-natural physical sunscreen. Specialised zinc dispersion technology results in an easy to spread sunscreen that you almost won't believe isn't a chemical SPF. This beauty is made using only 9 naturally derived, sustainably sourced and certified organic ingredients. 


Recommended for:

Perfect for a beach day, this SPF is incredibly spreadable which means it's great for body and covering larger areas. The addition of oils and waxes such as Candelilla Wax make it a very moisturising option, great for those with drier skin. Those with sensitive skin also give great feedback on this SPF due to its small ingredient list.

Shop Mother SPF Natural Physical Sunscreen - $42


6. Simple as That Natural Physical Sunscreen


This SPF is quite unassuming and almost a hidden secret amongst the natural beauty obsessed. This may just look like another tube of SPF, but it has a lovely non-greasy texture that rubs in incredibly well & leaves your skin feeling fresh and not clogged. Also contains Green Tea & Rosehip Oil for antioxidant protection and Red Raspberry Seed Oil for added protection against UVA & UVB rays.


Recommended for:
This makes an incredible primer before makeup. Its perfect texture also means it is great on shoulders/neck and around areas that come into contact with swimwear and clothes, it won't transfer or stain clothing like some greasy sunscreens can. A great all-rounder!

"Smooth Application. Using this everyday while I soak up the sun during lockdown. Forget I have blockout on it’s so lightweight" - Lauren, verified review

   shop simple as that natural sunscreen

Shop Simple as That Natural Sunscreen Lotion - $29.95


7. Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen Lip Gloss with SPF 25


Whilst this isn't technically sunscreen, we can't help but mention it as it's the perfect bit of extra SPF. This vegan-friendly, luxurious mineral lip gloss contains moisturising ingredients such as Organic Shea Butter, Castor Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil and delivers zinc-oxide based protection without harsh chemicals or stickiness. 


Recommended for:
This is for those who want to protect their lips from the sun without rocking the white lipped zinc look. The only zinc-oxide based lip product we have come across that feels like an actual lip gloss (& a luxe one at that!)


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