What Is Clean Beauty? and Why You Should Make the Swap

Maruko Beauty Journal: what is natural beauty?
Pictured: Luxury organic, wildcrafted makeup from Manasi 7
The natural and clean beauty space is a fast-evolving and ever-changing area that has grown in popularity in recent years. As interest in wellness has spread, we are not only becoming more conscious about what we consume, but also conscious about what we put onto our skin. Due to lack of regulation, an increasing number of brands will use terms such as “natural”, “green” and “eco”, to market and greenwash products that are potentially harmful, making it extremely difficult to decide what is good for us, and what may not be.

This is where we come in,  

Here at Maruko Beauty for a product to be considered clean beauty, it must be free from known toxic ingredients that are harmful to health. This means it doesn’t include a long and ever-evolving list of ingredients that have been linked or suspected of being linked to poor health outcomes. This list contains over 1000 ingredients and includes parabens, PEGs, phthalates, chemical sunscreens, synthetic fragrances and formaldehyde.
Clean beauty means there is a greater focus on transparency, with a focus on what ingredients are in products, as well as where they come from. This is a more holistic approach to beauty that is advantageous to our health and the health of our planet.
Wildcrafted Organics Skincare, Everlasting Balm

Why should I avoid these ingredients? 

Studies have shown many of these ingredients have adverse effects on our bodies and many consumers have decided they would rather avoid ingredients that have not yet been indisputably proven safe. This is supported by the experience of many, with stories of makeup artists testing positive for heavy metals in their blood, studies showing chemicals from sunscreen can be found in the blood and high profile class action lawsuits such as that against Johnson & Johnson

Does clean beauty mean ingredients are 100% natural?

The clean beauty brands we stock place a large emphasis on natural ingredients and utilising the potency and power of natural botanicals and herbs, but there are some instances where synthetics are required and in these instances, clean beauty brands focus on using safer synthetics. 
  Manasi 7 Skin Enhancer, Natural & Organic Cream Foundation
Pictured: Skin Enhancer, a natural & organic cream foundation by Manasi 7

Are clean beauty products vegan?

Not all clean beauty products are vegan, but many are! We have a wide range of clean, vegan products which you can shop here

Does clean beauty mean I am compromising on performance?

This is incorrect! Whilst there may be some poor-quality clean beauty products on the market, the same goes for conventional beauty – there are always going to be poor performers and low-quality brands out there. As clean beauty has grown in popularity more time and investment has been put into product and formula development.
Here at Maruko Beauty, we exclusively stock high-quality, luxury beauty brands that have been tried and tested and proven to perform. They include clean, natural & organic skincare, makeup and haircare brands used by renowned makeup artists and cult beauty classics from around the world. These brands use plant-powered botanicals to achieve results, often their ingredients include organic herbs and ingredients grown in house, without the filler ingredients seen in mainstream beauty products. Overall, this leads to better performing products and better value for money as well!

What are the other advantages of clean beauty? 

As well as the health benefits, many clean beauty brands, and all of the brands we stock are small, independently owned brands. They generally have a much larger social conscious, with a focus on sustainability, ethical supply chains and maintaining a cruelty-free status for their products (FYI - 100% of the brands and products at Maruko Beauty are cruelty-free!). This means we get to support small business, whilst helping to create a better world and future for our planet.
    Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse Daily Acid Toner

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