Josh Rosebrook

Hydrating Accelerator


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Josh Rosebrook's best-selling mist delivers nutrient-dense, herb-infused aloe water to the skin. A few sprays after cleansing preps the skin, enhancing the delivery of hydration, antioxidants, and phytonutrients into the skin. By naturally filling cells with water the Hydrating Accelerator helps plump, firm, increase circulation of plant actives, and support healthy skin function.

Using Hydrating Accelerator allows enzymes and nutrients in the masks, serums, and creams to travel into the skin more effectively. This is one of Josh Rosebrook's most popular natural skincare formulas for a reason, and a best-seller here at Maruko Beauty, a cult clean beauty favourite that you will find yourself returning to.

Now in packaging made from Ocean Waste Plastic! Ocean Waste Plastic is post-consumer recycled material recovered from oceans, rivers and other waterways.  It helps clean our oceans and minimise the amount of virgin plastic brought into the world. This documented and verified process directly benefits our environment and reduces carbon emissions when compared to virgin plastic production.

After cleansing pat face dry. Mist three to five pumps of the Hydrating Accelerator, follow with serums, oils and moisturiser. Recommended for use with the Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Oil.

Also excellent as a makeup setter and it can also be used throughout the day when you need a refresh. 

*Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, *Jojoba Oil, †Marula Oil, *Vitamin E, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Grape Seed Oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Borage Seed Oil, *Almond Oil, *Sesame Oil, *Goji Berry, *Ashwagandha, *Turmeric, *Calendula, *Black Cohosh, *Dandelion, *Fo-Ti Root, *Alfalfa, *Bilberry, *Rosemary, *Elderberry, *Raspberry Leaf, *Burdock, *Chamomile, *Rosehip, *Eyebright, *Beetroot, *St. John’s Wort, * Hawthorne Berry, *Chickweed, *Licorice, *Coriander, *Horse Chestnut, *Lavender, *Red Clover, *Olive Leaf, *Sage, *Thyme, *Vanilla Extract, †YlangYlang Essential Oil, †Rosemary Essential Oil, †Eucalyptus Essential Oil, †Bergamot Essential Oil, †Carrot Essential Seed Oil.