Josh Rosebrook

Hydration Boost Concentrate

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The Josh Rosebrook Hydration Boost Concentrate is an all-new botanical polysaccharide/hyaluronic acid and plant antioxidant complex. This unique, phytonutrient-dense, unscented, oil-free and essential oil-free formula works to significantly increase skin hydration and to support vital skin function, plump, regenerate, and help slow decline of the skin. This innovative formula works in conjunction with the Hydrating Accelerator to further increase skin cell hydration and enhance penetration of actives.

With a precise amount of botanical hyaluronic acid, moisture-attracting humectants and rich phytonutrient actives, this exciting facial serum leaves skin plump, rejuvenated and visibly hydrated.

Formulated for all skin types and conditions including those who are ultra-sensitive and suffer from rosacea and acne, a natural skincare favourite.


On a clean, dry face mist the Hydrating Accelerator or mist of choice.  While the face is damp apply 2 drops of the Hydration Boost Concentrate over face and neck using circular pressing motions. Finish by sealing in with your favourite moisturiser.

Store product in a cool, dark place. Keep dropper tightly closed after use - it's easy to forget to screw it back on after using. Keep out of light at all times. Refrigeration is encouraged to maintain optimum freshness.

CASSIA ANGUSTIFOLIA/INDIAN SENNA SEED/ BOTANICAL HYALURONIC ACID - Increases hydration, helps water bind to skin cells, improves circulation and supports healthy skin function.

HORSE CHESTNUT - Promotes and protects the body’s hyaluronic acid, supports hydration retention, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, helps protect skin structure and slow skin decline.

HIBISCUS FLOWER ACID - Increases hydration, helps renew skin cells, exfoliates, helps firm and strengthen skin, improves elasticity and skin barrier function.

GREEN TEA - Helps repair cells and firm skin, slows skin decline, helps protect skin structure.

CALENDULA - Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, slows skin decline, helps support skin structure and appearance.

CACAO - Helps improve skin texture, firms, brightens, supports circulation, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants help slow skin deterioration and improve the appearance of skin.

Aqua, *Glycerin, *Aloe Vera Juice, *Indian Senna Seed Extract (Botanical Hyaluronic Acid), *Horse Chestnut Extract, *White Peony Tea Leaf Extract, *Green Tea Leaf Extract, *Burdock Seed Extract, *Horsetail Extract, *Cacao Extract, *Chamomile Extract, *Calendula Extract, *Moringa Leaf Extract, *Neem Leaf Extract, *Arnica Extract, *Echinacea Extract, Hibiscus Flower Acid, Phenethyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, §Xanthan Gum.