Our Founder
Alexandra Meek

I first turned to clean beauty during my recovery from Lyme Disease. After detoxing my home and diet, I attempted to clean up my beauty products. This transition was a struggle as the products I tried were poor quality, and I began to feel as though using natural beauty products meant compromising on quality. After extensive research and product trialling, I found brands I loved which outperformed the conventional products I had been using for years.

My experience with illness means that I know the anxiety that can come from using products whose ingredients you are unsure about. I also understand the confusion in trying to understand what is good for us and what may not be. I hope that shopping at Maruko Beauty can make this journey easier for anyone else embarking upon it.

I believe beauty is about embracing who we are and my favourite beauty products are those that accentuate and enhance our best features. Whether that means you have a twelve step beauty routine, or a one step routine, it's finding what works for you and what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. My time with illness also taught me that taking time for self care is important and embracing beauty is the ultimate in self care for me.

I truly hope you enjoy shopping at Maruko.